Bachelor in Architecture

studenti del bachelor in architettura lavorano ad un progetto

The Bachelor’s degree in Architecture offers a professional and up-to-date course with a strong orientation towards project realisation. The long tradition in the field of construction is complemented by the dimension of project development, new forms of management and representation and sustainability.

Bachelor in Leisure Management

studente del bachelor in leisure management durante un lavoro di gruppo

The Bachelor in Leisure Management trains professionals with in-depth organisational and management skills specialised in the Leisure sector (sport, events, cultural and creative industries, tourism, entertainment, etc.). The training combines practice orientation (through experiential sessions, testimonials, internships, field projects and sprint projects) with the development of solid theoretical, methodological and linguistic (English and German) skills.

Bachelor in Primary Education

Studente del Bachelor in Insegnamento nella scuola elementare in aula durante un tirocinio

The Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education prepares students to take on the role of primary school teacher. The course lasts three years and is offered on a full-time basis. It includes courses, seminars, workshop activities, block weeks and professional practice in a primary school in the Canton of Ticino.

Bachelor in Pre-Primary Education

studentessa del bachelor in Insegnamento nella scuola dell'infanzia durante il tirocinio in una classe

The Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Primary Education prepares students to take on the role of pre-school teacher. The course lasts three years and is offered full-time. It includes courses, seminars, workshop activities, block weeks and professional practice in a pre-school in the Canton of Ticino.

Bachelor in Business Administration

Studenti del bachelor in economia aziendale durante una presentazione in azienda

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is characterised by the combination of solid theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills, making use of diversified and cutting-edge training models, with alternating periods of classroom study and in-company activities. The course offers a choice of four specialisation areas: Marketing, Accounting & Controlling, Financial Services, Public & non-profit.

Bachelor in Music

studentessa del Bachelor in Music sorride con in mano un violino

The Bachelor’s Degree in Music offers basic artistic and musical instruction that does not give a professional qualification. It can be followed with Majors in Performance and in Music Theory and Composition.

Bachelor in Theatre

studenti del bachelor in theatre durante un'interpretazione

The Bachelor in Theatre has the peculiarity of bringing together the study of the performing arts of theatre, dance and circus in a single course. Learning and practising different disciplines allows the aspiring actor to experiment with different languages, providing the necessary tools to be able to combine and put them into play.

Bachelor in Social Work

The Bachelor’s degree in Social Work trains social workers to promote the well-being of people through the development of individual and collective resources and potential, thereby promoting participation, social bonding and integration of the different individuals. The course allows a choice between two specialisation areas: social service and social education.

Bachelor in Physiotherapie (Landquart)

Studente del bachelor in physiotherapie (landquart) visita una paziente durante una lezione pratica

Während des Studiums werden Fachleute ausgebildet, die sich auf die Entwicklung, Aufrechterhaltung oder Wiederherstellung der Bewegungs- und Funktionsfähigkeit von Menschen in den verschiedenen Lebensphasen konzentrieren. Das vierjährige Studium (2 Jahre Präsenzunterricht und 2 Jahre Praktika) kombiniert einen soliden wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund mit praktischen Modulen.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Studente del bachelor in fisioterpia visita una paziente durante una lezione pratica

The Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy trains professionals to focus on developing, maintaining or restoring the movement and functional abilities of people, or groups of people, during the various stages of life. The three-year training combines a solid scientific background with four practical placements lasting a total of 42 weeks.